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Fight the Urge to Replace Your Roof Now and Save Those Extra Pennies for Spring

It might seem obvious that the perfect time to replace your roof is sometime during the fall, right before the winter season begins and brings with it every undesirable weather element possible. If you look around the internet, “experts” will agree with you and say that the best time to replace your roof is indeed in the fall. But I’m here to [...]

Three Essential Steps for Finding the Perfect Roofing Company

For many homeowners, the most challenging part of updating your roof isn't the work itself, but finding the right roofing company to handle the job. Other home renovations such as updating your cabinets or installing new windows can be purely cosmetic, but roofs are different. Your household needs a quality roof to ensure safety and comfort for your [...]

The Different Types of Roofing Shingles

When choosing new shingles for your roof, you want something that’s cost effective, looks good, and is going to last. There are a lot of great options these days, and here are just a few. Asphalt Shingles These are by far the most frequently used shingles. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other materials, but that does mean they have a [...]

6 Reasons Why Balanced Attic Ventilation is Important

Having balanced attic ventilation is an integral part of roof maintenance. When  attic ventilation is balanced, the amount of intake ventilation is equal to, or exceeds, the amount of exhaust ventilation. The more intake ventilation, the better. An effective ventilation system removes heat from the attic in the summer and removes moisture in the winter. [...]

8 Dangers When Hiring Out of Town Roofers

A home is not a home without a roof. So when your roof needs to be repaired, it’s only natural to want it fixed as soon as possible. However, it is important to remember that “fast” does not usually mean “good.” Out of town roofers might be able to get the job done quickly, but at what cost? Here are eight dangers when hiring out of town [...]

How To Get The Most Energy Efficient Roof

 6 Ways to Maximize Home Efficiency Before Going Solar If you rush into solar panels before making your home as energy-efficient possible, you will most likely be spending too much and installing more panels than you would really need. There are six things you can do to help make your home energy efficient before installing solar [...]

Choosing The Right Color Shingles For Your Home

You might think choosing the color of your shingles is the easiest part of getting a new roof. Pick a color, any color! Well it is not that easy. The color shingle you choose can have an affect on multiple different areas from your heating and cooling bill, to the resale value of your home. Below we have outlined 2 important things you might want to think [...]

The Importance of Impact Resistant Shingles

St. Louis is no stranger to bad weather and thunderstorms. With that, we have seen our share of hail in the area. Usually people focus on the damage to their car when they should be more focused on what the damage can do to their roof. Hailstones can damage asphalt roof shingles by knocking their granular covering loose. When granular coverings come [...]

The Importance Of Hiring A National Roofing Contractors Association Member (NRCA)

NRCA is one of the construction industry’s most respected trade associations and the voice and leading authority in the roofing industry for information, education, technology and advocacy. It represents all segments of the roofing industry, including contractors; manufacturers; distributors; architects; consultants; engineers; building owners; and city, [...]

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Roof Coating

Many homeowners are gaining interest in DIY home improvement these days. Continuous advancements in the industry have made home improvement projects more appealing and the accessibility of products and materials are encouraging many property owners to start different types of DIY projects. Some projects are simply not recommended to be done on your own. [...]